About SIC


With 30 years of collective experience, Johan Stenger and Jens Ibsen founded Stenger & Ibsen Construction (SIC) in 2003. SIC is specialised in delivering turnkey solutions in construction work for the onshore wind turbine industry. SIC offers wind turbine foundation establishment and related civil works for wind turbine projects of all sizes, with special focus on the Scandinavian and Northern European markets.


  • Established in 2003
  • 5 offices in Scandinavia
  • 2 offices in Finland
  • Over 1,000 foundations delivered

Born out of passion created by a necessity

Each and every day, we endeavour to be “The Foundation for Windpower”. Due to this, our work is focused around:

  • Dependability and credibility
  • Agreed quality delivered on time
  • Ability to find and develop the right solution
  • Focus on health, safety, environment, and quality
  • A focus on improving our environmental impact, thereby becoming more sustainable
  • Ability to create value

Our customers come first. Therefore, we seek to find the best solution to fulfill our customers’ unique needs. To ensure high quality and happy customers, our employees’ well-being is a top priority. We encourage our employees to keep developing their skills set and know-how, as our employees’ expertise and teamwork make SIC extraordinary.

To be the preferred supplier in our area of expertise


Our Team

Our team of experts demonstrates specialization and strong teamwork. We have extensive experience and a straightforward approach to every task. We are your planning partner from the very beginning, helping you identify possible pitfalls and suggesting safe solutions.

We are specialized in establishing foundations on bedrock, and we assist engineers and builders throughout the project phase. We know all about road placement, crane standings, cable extension and other civil works.

Jens Bak Ibsen

Jens Bak Ibsen

Group CEO

E-mail: jbi@si-construction.com
Tel.: +45 20 23 43 01

Jesper Juel Enemærke

Jesper Juel Enemærke

Group COO

E-mail: jje@si-construction.com
Tel.: +45 93 10 20 23

Johan Stenger

Johan Stenger

General Manager – Norway

E-mail: js@si-construction.com
Tel.: +46 702 79 51 66

Jukka Raudasoja

CEO – Finland

E-mail: jur@si-construction.com
Tel.: +358 400 442 761

Mats Kjellsson

CEO – Sweden

E-mail: mk@si-construction.com
Tel.: +46 70-606 03 06