Responsibility strategy

When referring to a sustainability strategy, most people associate this with a company’s green initiatives, thereby excluding the other dimensions. As SIC is responsible for more than just our emissions, our strategy should reflect more than just this. It should reflect our efforts to, for instance, create a safe & diverse work environment, as well as a responsible production.

Basis of Existence


We deliver the foundation of tomorrow to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations.


We supply Scandinavia with clean, sustainable energy through longevity, qualitative foundation solutions. We deliver everything in the ground as a part of the value chain of onshore wind energy to accommodate the worldwide demand to limit global warming.


To keep improving, we focus on our employees know-how, experience, and growth, pushing them to enhance their work and expertise to provide our customers with better and greener solutions. Our employees lust to continuously improve their work is reflected in the wind farms we construct through an optimal design, considering the environment, safety, quality and longevity.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 3: It is important to ensure that our employees are both physically & mentally healthy. Do to this we have weekly check-ins, good ergonomic facilities as well as an open and trusting culture, where we help each other.

SDG 5: We focus on ensuring equal opportunities for women in our organization for leadership at all levels of decision-making. Our employees are at the center of our competitive advantage, meaning their well-being is vital to our organization.

SDG 7: SIC is a part of the onshore wind energy value chain, meaning our product accommodates the establishment of sustainable energy. By increasing the share of wind energy, carbon emissions will be reduced and assist the achievement of limiting global warming.

SDG 12: We are constantly examining ways to improve our construction process through diminishing the use of concrete and reinforcement. Moreover, we are studying ways of recycling waste to have a more responsible production.

SDG 13: We are in the process of calculating our carbon footprint in order to set focused and credible sustainability targets, helping us reduce our environmental impact. We want to be a part of making wind parks CO2 neutral faster and reduce global  warming.

SDG 15: As we deforest the areas, where the wind parks are built, we wish to contribute to reforestation in the local communities. Giving back, what we have taken from nature, thereby protecting and promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

An unavoidable necessity

We try to do better. To be better. To become more sustainable, but it takes time. We analyse new solutions to minimize our footprint by optimizing our design, especially considering the material used.

However, the generation of sustainable wind energy requires a solid foundation, which can withhold the vibrations and power of the rotating wings. Due to this, we cannot change our production overnight, but we can keep researching and examining new designs and methods to change our construction in the long run.