Our work with sustainability

At Stenger & Ibsen Construction, sustainability encompasses the entirety of taking responsibility for the climate, nature, and people to secure a future for the next generations. The result of a wind park is positive; however, establishing the park requires construction, making us the necessary evil. The construction phase entails deforestation, heavy machinery, safety-related risks, etc., where we focus on a culture to make responsible decisions, create the best solutions for our clients, and get the job right the first time.

To ensure sustainability permeates the organisation, sustainability is aligned and integrated with our overall business strategy with well-considered targets and strategic initiatives. The process of becoming more sustainable requires the entire organisation to work together. The Management and Board of Directors decide the strategic direction, while people working on-site use their expertise to optimise our work and integrate new initiatives. Therefore, our sustainability efforts are based on a joint company effort to be the preferred supplier in the industry.

Creating our path…

We aim to be an environmentally- and sustainable focussed supplier, determined to deliver more sustainable solutions in the value chain of onshore wind energy where it matters. Therefore, we started our journey by calculating our carbon footprint to establish a solid data foundation. The data and new learning paved the way for interesting ideas and focus areas. This has resulted in our ESG strategy and report.

Stenger & Ibsen Constructions ESG report

We have worked dedicatedly with sustainability since the autumn of 2021. We look forward to sharing our first report with you and showing you the results of our hard work. The ESG report presents our company values, DNA, and sustainability direction to act and take responsibility. Based on the availability of data, our ESG report presents figures and statistics from our baseline. Our level of knowledge has increased and will continue to do so, leading to more detailed and systematic data collection over the following years.

In the report, you can read about our first carbon footprint, biodiversity initiatives, work with both physical- and psychological safety, etc. The report is based on a joint company effort, where risks and opportunities have been analysed and evaluated to ensure the essential focus areas.

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UN Sustainability Development Goals

The UN SDGs have been widely communicated, creating a platform for a common understanding of sustainability. To support the targets and display our actions, we have chosen five relevant areas for us to work with in the beginning.

Our customers and suppliers top-of-mind

All our focus areas are based on well-documented data and methods, meaning we can help our customers and suppliers achieve more sustainable construction. For instance, we are able to provide:

  • Guidance to secure a more CO2e-friendly result of the wind park
  • A calculation of the carbon footprint based on both tender and a completed project
  • A focus on maintaining and increasing biodiversity.
  • Ensure quality and the right-first-time principle to reduce re-does, affecting the financial- and climate-related costs.
  • A healthy and safe work environment and culture, etc.

Read more about our initiatives and offerings in our ESG report.

If you have any questions or want to hear more about our work with sustainability, feel free to reach out to Tilde Ørum.

ESG Manager at Stenger & Ibsen Construction


Tel.: + 45 53 54 15 58