Aaskalen-Osteraasen, Sweden

ClientVasa Vind and APG
LocationStrömsund & Östersund, Jämtland - SE
CategoryTurnkey Solution

Stenger & Ibsen Sverige AB are building for Vasa Vind and APG – one of Sweden’s biggest wind farms in Åskälen in Jämtland, Sweden.

The work involves roads, crane plans, foundation work, internal cable networks and airborne electrical lines for distribution from the wind farm. The work is scheduled to last until 2020 and will generate job opportunities in the local community.

Number of wind turbines: 80

Model: Vestas V136 3.6 megawatts, hub height 112 metres

Total capacity: 288 megawatts

Anticipated annual production: approx. 930 gigawatt hours.

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