Civil Works

1. Tree Harvesting

SIC undertakes forest clearing in connection with the establishment of roads, crane sites and sites for wind farms. The work is carried out by competent and locally-based logging companies.

2. Site Facilities - Compound

SIC establish and run the site facilities according to the customers wishes, where this, for instance, can include the compounds, heat & electricity at site. We can run an individually owned compound or a compound for the contractor and its suppliers. We can undertake various reporting and such like to the authorities. Our talented project managers and superintendent engineers run the projects from start to finish.

3. Laying of Cables

SIC lays electrical cables and installs ducts for power cables and optical fibre together with one of our competent subcontractors.

4. Roads and Crane Hardstandings

SIC designs and builds roads for transporting concrete and wind turbine parts according to customer wishes. SIC also provides solutions for crane foundations that make access and handling of heavy materials more effective and safe at the construction site.