Electrical Works

1. Pre-production design and calculations

Based on our client’s quotations, we calculate and design the electrical part of the wind farm. We provide our clients with multiple design options to ensure an optimal design, considering all possible layout alternatives.

2. Site visits

The electrical department consists of highly skilled project managers who regularly visit the sites to ensure that the quality standards are met. The project managers are involved throughout the entire process, ensuring we always meet our deadline and deliver a well-operating windfarm.

3. Execution of trenching and laying of cables

In collaboration with one of our competent sub-contractors, SIC does the cable works, including the trenching, laying of cables, and connecting to the grid.

4. Testing and commissioning

To ensure the electrical work is functioning, we run tests doing the construction and before the commission of the wind farm. In general, SIC works to ensure our customers get a streamlined and efficient construction process made possible through our planning and efficient labor.