1. Foundations - Gravity

SIC are specialists in the establishment of ordinary gravity base foundations. We design solutions based on drawings but also offer alternative foundation design from scratch, with the purpose to optimize the use of material.

2. Foundations - Rock-anchored

SIC are specialists in different types of wind turbine foundations on rocky ground. RockAdapter is a foundation type that is specially designed for establishing wind turbines on rocky ground. The concept was developed in cooperation with WindTechnique A/S. SIC are also specialists in ordinary Bedrock anchored foundations, anchored with line anchors.

3. Grouting

SIC carries out grouting under tower flanges on wind turbine foundations for all wind turbine suppliers. Cube tests are performed on site in our own laboratory.

In arctic climates, we perform heating of foundation and flanges to safeguard the process.

4. Bolt Tensioning

Each year, SIC performs inspection of bolts on wind turbine towers throughout Sweden and Norway.

Our team is very experienced, and SIC has annual contracts with many customers.